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With this gentleman, everything was right from the beginning. The polite request with all relevant information, the punctual arrival, and a submissive, friendly reserve and slight nervousness when he stood before me. I really like that. Without me having to explain much, he waited in a submissive kneeling position for me, his gaze lowered, his hands obediently placed on his knees. This was just exemplary. He was ready to surrender himself to me and to engage in whatever awaited him during our time together. He was open to new experiences, trusting, and enjoyed suffering a little for me. What a great encounter!
Thank you for your visit ūüôā
Here is a little session review from him. Enjoy!

Princess welcomed me with a warm smile and made me feel welcome from the start.  She took me to her playroom.  After a brief, yet thorough discussion, she reminded me of my place and directed me to completely undress for an inspection.

After my initial inspection, I was allowed to shower.  The shower is just off to the side, no privacy, another reminder that I belong to Princess. 

After my shower I waited kneeling for her return.  Princess returned with a walk of purpose and a clear determination to take whatever she wanted. I was blindfolded and collared.  My heart was racing with excitement.

I was lead to an area and tied up for a more complete inspection of Princess’s new toy.  Her touch was gentle yet firm.  Her voice was caring yet demanding.  I could only listen and anticipate her next move.  

I must have not completely met her expectations as Princess began to spank me.  She explained this was to find my limits and prepare me for what was to come next.  Of course my mind was racing and my skin was electrified.

Next Princess gaged me and moved me over to a bench used for more spanking or other naughty games. Princess secured me to the bench and continued finding pleasure in my situation.

Princess teased me by standing very close but still out of reach. She knew she was teasing me, creating desire and not offering me any relief.

After the bench I was allowed to worship Princess’s feet and legs.  Of course they opportunity to actually touch Princess had to be earned and I was grateful for her permission.

Finally I was strapped to a table for some final activities that included a few first for me. Princess knows how to push my limits and create a memorable experience.

Princess is a true professional.  Her style maybe friendly and caring, but don’t mistake it, it is her playroom and it is her rules.  I truly believe Princess cared for my wellbeing and respected my limits, but there is no doubt Princess was in charge.

I do recommend a visit to Princess Z if you ever have the opportunity.

a submissive Gentleman


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