Good Morning, Princess!

Hello, Munich! ♡ Nice to be here, again.

„Did you sleep well, princess? Breakfast is ready, enjoy your massage. See you later at the spa.“

Sometimes it’s not hard to make me happy. Just focus on my relaxation, joy & pleasure & we will have a good time. ♡

True gentlemen who put the well-being of their counterpart above all else know what it means to offer someone a space in which to feel comfortable. Real gentlemen also know that everything takes time and they are not pushy. They make sure you’re having a good time. It has nothing to do with submissive or dominant, but with how you live your masculinity. Clear, integrated, self-confident. A confident sub who carries the woman on his hands, serves her without imposing his sexual fantasies on her just because he is so starved and undisciplined. Or a confident man who likes to lead and put his protective arms around her. The princess can handle and enjoy both. The power relationship between princess and her play partner can be very complex and individual. It depends on the behavior and the intention of the counterpart, which facet she shows most. But always clear, she wants to be pampered, worshipped, in control of the situation and only give some away when someone earns it.


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4. August 2023

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