Enduring, being locked away, not knowing when I will set you free again. You will get to know the place you have in my princess kingdom. Under me. In chains. Sweetest humiliation, which you gladly accept, because you know it is a privilege to be fully subject to me.
I love to make my little prisoners suffer a little and I’m proud when they wait for me dutifully. I take them out of the cage when I need them. As a foot slave, as an object of my lust, as a servant, as a pet. And I lock you up again, if you bring me no use.

For me there is also hardly anything hotter than being able to control my personal pretty handsome favorite Subs in this way. At a distance you stand behind me, holding my glass while I talk to someone. And as soon as I don’t need you as my shadow anymore, I put you into a cage, a dungeon or put you in a dark corner at an event. You must not talk to anyone till I get longing for you or bored. Isn’t it the absolute horniest thing to know that I choose you, to be allowed to wait for me until I get desire for you?

Am I really that unreachable or does it depend on who the prisoner is and how much I like him? Am I really unattainable or am I just demonstrating my power to you? Am I really untouchable or is it just teasing you and myself, until it overcomes me? Am I really unattainable or do you feel my presence, my closeness, my affection…? just then, when you submit to me most of all?


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6. Oktober 2023

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